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Alfabeta Bokförlag

Alfabeta Bokförlag/Publishers is a leading independent quality publishing house in Sweden. Each year Alfabeta publishes approximately seventy new titles. Adult fiction and non-fiction and books for children and young adults. Alfabeta as an independent is something different in the Swedish publishing world dominated by the big groups. The turnover is about 4 MEuro.

The idea behind Alfabeta Bokförlag has from the beginning been to build a publishing house with a clear quality profile. We believe that as a reader you should expect and have the right to demand that a book with the Alfabeta imprint will give you a lasting reading experience. This of course means that we have very high demands on what we publish.

On our web site we present all titles in stock. Seventy of them are new. Books by many of Sweden’s best authors and illustrators. And a number of international highlights.

A number of Alfabeta’s books have already been successful as audio books. Beginning Spring 2007 we will publish audio books under the imprint Alfabeta Audio.

We think it is important to have a broad and varied list with books for all ages. Different kinds of writing stimulate each other. Katarina Mazetti, for example, started off as a children’s author and is now also one of our most successful writers for adults. Grabben i graven bredvid (The Boy Next Grave) has now sold over 450,000 copies in Sweden, was made into a successful film seen by 1,000,000 at the cinemas and has been translated into many foreign languages. Stig Björkman´s interview books have got a wide audience in many countries. Woody on Allen has been sold to twenty countries and are still selling. So is Trier on von Trier. Children’s authors and illustrators such as Lars Klinting with the Castor books and Anna-Clara Tidholm with Knock, Knock and many other titles are amusing children in dozens of countries.

At Alfabeta there is room for many genres - if only the quality is high and the content is interesting.

Dag Hernried, publisher
Alfabeta Bokförlag

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Alfabeta Bokförlag, Fiskargatan 8, 116 20 Stockholm, Tel: 08-714 36 30, info@alfabeta.se
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